Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WONDERBENDER is available from 1913 Press (and other much less intriguing venues)

After a long, wearisome journey through the wildernesses of the publishing world, my latest book, WONDERBENDER, found its true and perfect home:  1913 Press. Founder & Editrice Sandra Doller and Designer & Vice-editor Ben Doller have done the most amazing job presenting these poems to the world.  Please support 1913 Press (you do know the significance of the year 1913, correct?) by purchasing their books and journals directly from them. (By the way, no need to be afraid of PayPal; if you click on the PayPal link you will find you can use your credit card there too -- you don't have to be a member.)  Yessss, you can buy WONDERBENDER and other 1913 Press books in the usual other places, but why would you do that?  You want to support the arts, I'm sure.

I Don't Pray

I Don't Pray

let me in, let me out

Reading -- March 1