Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patti Smith signing JUST KIDS at the MFA Boston

Last night the impossibly true Patti Smith had a book signing and gave a "lecture" at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston.  The "lecture" (which was much longer than advertised, with a perceived pissy pout and botoxy forced smile  from the museum staff member who had admonished her that there were "just a few minutes" left -- to which Patti replied, before reading, commenting, and singing some more, with just the most pastel hint of  bite, "This will take more than a few minutes") consisted of readings from Just Kids, fascinating commentary on same, several songs with Patti on guitar, moving and frequently hilarious answers to audience Q&A, and the mindblowing finale of Patti taking a few steps back from the microphone, raising her long-fingered swooping hands into the air, and launching into an earthshattering a cappella version of Because the Night, complete with audience participation on the chorus.  Nights like this just do not happen often enough.  [Note to MFA museum administration:  You are supposed to be about art.  Do not tell geniuses who are mesmerizing and inspiring your audiences that they have "just a few minutes left."  The correct comment from you should have been, "Take all the time you'd like."]

I Don't Pray

I Don't Pray

let me in, let me out

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